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    Titanium Dioxide - A Brilliant Idea

    The Steam Micronizer is essential for manufacturers seeking products with the ultimate dispersion control. Powered by superheated steam, the Steam Micronizer is known for preserving the natural whiteness of TiO2 with industry leading, near-zero contamination with Pureline™ liners, making it the most used TiO2 deagglomerator in the world.  Companies depend on the Steam Micronizer  to optimize the optical properties of TiO2 such as hiding power, tint strength and undertone, while still allowing for gloss and differentiation of image.  Every Steam Micronizer is tuned specifically to achieve the ideal particle size distribution of deagglomerated rutile or anatase TiO2 in sulfate or chloride route while minimizing mill wear and product contamination.  Complete system design support is available as well as assistance with novel TiO2 processes and on-site production consulting.

    Check out the Steam Micronizer

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