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    Pigments & Cosmetics – Color Your World

    The Micronizer plays an important part in coloring many of the objects you encounter in day-to-day life.  Two of the most critical demands in color science and cosmetics are particle size and shape.  That’s why leading pigment and cosmetic manufacturers depend on the Micronizer to create perfect pigments and cosmetics to ideal size and shape for excellent hue, gloss, tint strength, opacity, DOI and smooth, silky, grit free textures.  The Micronizer effortlessly handles abrasive pigments like iron oxide as well as difficult pigments like carbon black to perfectly narrow particle size distributions.  When it comes to cosmetics, the Micronizer is unmatched due to its narrow particle size distribution which guarantees grit free performance.  Making the world’s most appealing cosmetics for the world’s best brands.

    Check out the Steam Micronizer

    To learn more about our legendary solutions for the pigments industry, contact us.