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    Government & Defense


    The Micronizer brand jet mill is used by government agencies and defense contractors around the globe for mission critical applications.  The Microninzer is the perfect choice for special applications such as accelerants, propellants, munitions, nuclear research, biotechnology and confidential materials development.  The Micronizer is able to operate in many special environments such as oxygen depleted, nitrogen or argon inert, contamination isolated, explosion proof and sealed room making it the perfect choice for an array of special Government and Defense applications.  The Micronizer has a multitude of Defense applications outside of weapons systems.  Sturtevant takes great pride in the popularity of the Micronizer for its employment in both government funded scientific research and Force protection.  From the first jet mill to create injectable penicillin through government grants to the Micronizer’s groundbreaking research leading to the US Secretary of the Army’s “Environmental Excellence in Weapon System Acquisition.”

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